April 5, 2021

Nodes in a Nest

Nodes in a Nest is a program dedicated to showcasing projects, sharing ideas, and connecting collaborators at York University.

Nodes in a Nest aims to achieve several goals:

  • Show passion projects within a database – from a simple idea to a finished masterpiece.
  • Share ideas, projects, and inspiration in a podcast.
  • Connect students to available resources needed for project completion.


The Projects Database hosts any and all digital media-based projects – from a simple idea to a finished masterpiece. Submit your project to showcase what you’ve been working on and where it’s heading. Describe your vision, tell your story, and find new collaborators.


Our Podcast features conversations with select project starters from within the database. Hear them share their ideas, projects, and inspiration. This recurring segment hopes to provide a free space where students can talk about anything and everything related to digital media and computational arts.


We’ve created a Resources page seeks to help connect students to the aid they need to finish their projects. The page provides a list of resources available for students, including the DMSA Project Fund. If you need any help finding or preparing for a grant, feel free to reach out.

You’d be surprised to find out what extraordinary things students at York are working on outside of their coursework. Some of these people might be working on a project that needs someone with a specific set of skills – someone like you. 

For more information on Nodes in a Nest, contact nodes.nest@gmail.com.